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He is here

Bethlehem. After visiting the cave, I walk out of the basilica and sit by the small door. I look at the people coming in from all corners of the world. I move to the entrance of the square. I watch the groups of pilgrims approach. I listen to the different languages of which I do not understand a word. A thought: All peoples… I remember Nazareth. The great basilica. The small houses… An image: Verbum caro hic factum est, the Word was made flesh here… A thought: He is here, all peoples here.

We return to Jerusalem along the wall. We pass the check-point. Shame, humiliation, sadness, dismay, disbelief run through me. He is here. Inside these walls. Inside my shame. Inside my pain that rises and falls deep as I look today at the blood spilled, listening to the screams of those who die, the blasphemies of those who kill.

He is here. The last stronghold that prevents the destruction of humanity in people. The first step towards a new humanity. All people, brothers and sisters. But it is necessary to resist every hint of violence that comes from within (cf. Mt 15:19), “to give oneself up so that the Lord may be born in extreme poverty and, after so many sufferings of hunger, thirst, heat and cold, insults and outrages, die on the cross. And all this for my sake’ [EESS 116].

Mary and Joseph not only accept with trust, acceptance and readiness the events surrounding the birth of Jesus, but they trabajan, toil, are active, overcome themselves, ready and diligent [cf. EESS 22 and 91] in accompanying and supporting Jesus in a way of life that has that end point.

Today, more than ever, there is a need for people who decide to live perfect humility, that is, a love that has only one measure: to love everyone as Jesus loved. “When, that is, I include the first and the second, and it is of equal praise and glory of the divine majesty, to imitate and resemble Christ our Lord more truly I want and choose rather poverty with Christ poor than riches, rather ignominies with Christ full of them than honours, and I desire more to be esteemed foolish and foolish for Christ, who was first esteemed so, than wise and prudent in this world” [EESS 167].

He is here. Jesus is born. The heart expands. Fraternity and peace are reborn.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Enjoy listening! – Sentinella