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Precious pearls


I have met precious pearls, which together could shine even brighter, get trapped inside a kind of black hole where hopes disappear, dreams die out, desires turn in on themselves, relationships fracture, it becomes difficult if not impossible to meet, to talk to each other, to find common ground.

They fall into it and cannot get out of it. They try, they get hurt and they get tired of trying again. And sometimes unfortunately they decide to stay there, condemning themselves to a terrible isolation that slowly structures personal identities, social relationships, ecclesial experiences: “I alone, what can I be?” (EESS 58).

Feeling this pain in me makes me angry, I cry, I would like to cry out but I cannot. It is a pain that I then try to embrace, I say yes, here I am, there I am, it is You, that fracture I want to recompose in me, offer it to You Lord so that You can take me and take us up, towards the light, towards that “lowly, beautiful and attractive” place (EESS 144).

I look at Mary, alone, who waits within that abyss and believes and hopes and overcomes the temptation of darkness, obeying the words of her Son: “Behold, your son!” (Jn 19:26). She loves John as her own son and brother. And she finds Jesus alive in herself. Then I try to do as she does. I love everyone as my sons and daughters, sisters and brothers. I feel loved back as my own son and brother. And a little I find Him alive in me again. And the joy, the consolation, the hope, the dream, the desire to meet and walk together, the ease of speaking truthfully about one’s own resistance, fatigue and perplexity, the look forward!

We believe that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Passion and Love, will bear fruits of Life forever, despite the littleness of us all. Let us pray for one another that the Spirit’s action will continue to do His work of Consolation in us and through us.

With deep gratitude, I wish you a peaceful and healthy Easter.

Paolo Monaco sj

Enjoy listening! – Raggi